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On February 13, 1849, an early statement by Young about the history of the priesthood ban in the LDS Church was made.The statement was given in response to Lorenzo Snow's inquiry about how redemption would would come about with regards to black people.provide the best experience that no other group can offer!These amazing tour leaders are expert church history guides with many years of tour guide experience.Joined by over 60 men, Turner kills around 60 whites and destroys 15 homesteads.Over 3000 armed whites set out to end the rebellion, killing many innocent blacks along the way.From 1849 to 1978, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) had a policy against the ordination of black men to the priesthood, and forbidding black men and women from taking part in ceremonies in LDS temples.In 1978, the church's First Presidency declared in a statement known as "Official Declaration 2" that the ban had been lifted as a result of a revelation from God.

Before 1847 a handful of other black men were ordained to the priesthood.

As the centralized hub for information on LDS singles activities and conferences nationwide and in Canada, this website provides links to all the singles websites and email groups that have been created by the Church or local LDS singles of many different areas. We will be providing the capability of social networking in the near future so that singles may connect and correspond with each other, along with many other features including a singles forum for singles to share ideas or information with each other.

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You will return with a greater understanding of the immense value of these faithful Saints and servants and of the restored gospel which they preached and you will be humbled and encouraged by the price they paid to lay the foundation.

You will also see where William Tyndale and the many other King James Bible translators lived, studied, did their important work of translating the Bible into English and were martyred for the cause.

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