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This season, Lip’s illicit romance with an older professor (Sasha Alexander) and unprofessional friendship with another professor he TA’s for (Alan Rosenberg) have caught up with him, sending him on a downward spiral of reckless behavior that might jeopardize everything he’s worked for.

Vulture caught up with Jeremy Allen White ahead of the show’s season 6 finale to talk about Lip’s alcohol abuse, mistakes with women, and why he’s dangerously close to following in his father’s crooked footsteps. I don’t think he’s ever had such a depressing season, and that’s saying something. I think while there’s been some tough times and he’s gone through his fair share of shit, there’s never been so much at stake before.

He got his break as the intellectual among sharks on the courtroom drama, “L. Law,” and, more recently, he played a compassionate children’s legal advocate on “The Guardian.” By Hollywood standards, he never made it big — he didn’t pull in a million-per-paycheck, and though he has countless credits to his name, he was rarely the star.

Two weeks prior, Rosenberg’s crusade to gain strike authorization for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) had suffered a severe setback.

Since 2011, Shameless fans have come to know the ever-resourceful Lip Gallagher to fight his way out of every hardship life throws his way, be it with his fists or foul mouth.

That much was clear the Saturday night I first met him, in early February, at a bustling Italian restaurant in Brentwood.

The place was crammed, with a crowd of people clogging the entryway.

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