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co-star Ryan Gosling on and off for a few years, and now she's reportedly getting cozy with Jake Gyllenhaal — SUH-WOON.A new report claims the genetically gifted duo were recently seen parading around their affection for one another in NYC during multiple dates.(Those events include Kathie’s disappearance, the unsolved execution of a friend, and the murder and dismemberment of an elderly neighbor of Durst’s in Galveston, Texas.)The docu-series has confounded viewers for a variety of reasons including the bizarre sequence of tragedies, the unconventional dynamic between filmmaker and subject, Durst’s odd demeanor, and his shockingly blunt admissions during the interviews. Maybe there’s more being revealed in this documentary than we knew at the time that we made the film.” . “We wanted to try to tell that story but obviously not pretend to know the heart of the man or the mind of the man.Mendes quietly ended her long-term relationship with producer George Gargurevich over the summer."It hasn't been a secret how excited Eva's been to film with him, and she's always joked with us about how gorgeous he is," the source adds."She's never been shy about having the hots for him!(His character was also the wealthy son of a New York real-estate mogul.) Kirsten Dunst co-starred as his wife who mysteriously went missing, much like Durst’s own spouse, Kathie, disappeared in 1982.

for a fun day of rides, junk food..lots and lots of PDA!fails as cinema, but it succeeds in laying bare the personal underpinnings of Jarecki’s 10-year obsession with Durst, and helps explain why Jarecki seemed to feel a connection to Durst even as it became hard to deny that the older man was a brutal killer.begins with its version of Durst (here named “David Marks” and played by Ryan Gosling) on the witness stand in his trial in Texas.As exclusive Us Weekly photos show, Gosling, 30, and Mendes, 37, held hands, kissed and had a ball together."They were very playful," an observer tells Us. She would lean into him and she held his arm the entire time."And the sexy twosome did Disneyland right -- riding the Toy Story ride, the California Screamin' rollercoaster, a Little Mermaid adventure and the ferris wheel, snacking on churros, cotton candy and corn on the cob. Currently shooting The Place Beyond the Pines together, the stars "have been friends for a long time," a source explains to Us."There's always been this strong chemistry between them..was just a matter of time!

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