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It is stamped into the chrome chassis with a white letter “C” (for Champ) and the serial number, also in white.

As you can see from the photo below, the serial number of my amp is C 09556.

This was an easy way to start playing, and today these early student instruments often bear fretboard markings from 1 to 12, either as factory originals or thoughtfully inked into place by a helpful teacher to assist in navigating the strings.

These early lap-steel instruments were often made from plain planks of wood, though Rickenbacker offered both Bakelite and metal guitars for professional use, while National/Dobro used solid metal.

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As Hawaiian music gained popularity in the 1920s and ’30s, performers turned from guitars made of wood to metal-resonator instruments produced by the National Stringed Instrument Company.

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Fender 1000 Pedal Steel During Pink Floyd’s US tour in October 1970, David bought a couple of second hand guitars at a pawn shop in Seattle. The guitar has two necks with 8 strings on each (David most likely used only 6 of them), Fender humbucker pickups, tone and volume knob and a neck selector switch as well as 10 pedals.There are patent numbers on both sides of the magnets but I would assume that these would not include the serial number.The former owner claims the guitar was manufactured in 1946 but there are no obvious numbers on the instrument to confirm this.Looking at the chart below we can see that there was a pretty consistent numbering scheme for the vintage tweed Fender Champs.Champion 800 (green tweed)* 01 to 1000 – 1948-49 Champion 600 5B1 (two tone) 01 to 1300 – 1948-49 1300 to 1700 – 1950 1700 to 5000 – 1951-52 5000 to 5500 – 1953 Champ 5C1, 5D1 (tweed) 5500 to 6600 – 1953 6600 to 8000 – 1954 8000 to 9999 – 1955 Champ 5E1, 5F1 (tweed) C00001 to C00800 – 1955 C00800 to C03100 – 1956 C03100 to C06000 – 1957 C06000 to C08800 – 1958 C08800 to C12500 – 1959 C12500 to C15500 – 1960 C15500 to C16800 – 1961 C17000 to C19000 – 1962 C19000 to C21000 – 1963 C21000 to C23000 – 1964 So we can see that a serial number of C 09556 is pretty close to the lower end for serial numbers for 1959 5F1 tweed Fender Champs.

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