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"We currently live together," Cameron — with his girlfriend by his side — confirmed during MTV's weekly recap show "Talk of Shame" (you can watch the interview in its entirety below).WE LOVE AN But before Mikameron decided to reside under the same roof, the duo visited each other on opposite coasts to make sure this lifestyle change was the right decision for both of them.And being out of the house, we're together 24/7 anyway — and I don't think we would want it any other way." So why do they think the team of experts decided that they're scientifically compatible? "We're getting a puppy tomorrow," Cameron said with a big smile.Chimed in Mikala: "It's our practice round." Congrats to the happy sweethearts — and for an added bonus, relive their unforgettable trip to the Truth Booth in the clip below. Creating that life of passion and happiness can be decidedly un-sexy at times. We need to build the strong base in order to jump off the cliff. You can get back to passion and art and world domination with renewed energy. S.” Your money and your financial peace of mind will thank you. Practice talking about money and hold each other accountable for the tasks. HEALTH: Just make one dietary change and stick with it for a month. That means the Season 21 star has been out in the world for some time now, and plenty could have happened since then.For instance, we have to know, is he still with his final pick? I won't be able to give you much more detail about that other than you'll have to watch and see how that played out and what it all meant,” Nick teased in an interview at the start of the season.

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Now at this point, it would be really easy for a girl to get really upset and think there’s no future. See things exactly as they are at this exact moment and don’t make it into a problem for yourself. I’m not talking about something that you think is worth coercing him for.

"It was definitely weird transitioning and being in the real world," Mikala admitted.

"We wanted to take a few trips back and forth to see if we worked in the real world, because it's very different living in the house and you have no choice but to be together 24/7. It's all about balance," Mikala explained, while Cameron added that they "are opposites." While the two aren't quite ready to become the second couple to say "I do" (like Season 1 fan favorites Amber and Ethan Diamond), they are taking (another) big relationship step.

I want to be free of doubt, anxiety, and the familiar feeling that somehow, somewhere I’m failing at something.

It’s knowing that you’ll be the next Oprah, Richard Branson, Hillary Clinton, Amy Adams, Lady Gaga…

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